About Annalise by AKT

Since inception, Annalise by AKT, LLC has been empowering women by presenting them with the right wardrobe-wear, whether it is for a corporate event or an evening cocktail party. Launched in 2012, the idea behind Annalise was to create a plethora of exquisite women’s contemporary cocktail dresses and evening dress options that flatter any and many body types and could be worn at any time of the day. 

Our creators have kept the individuality and originality at the core of all their designs, crafting dresses with hand-sewn embellishments, an element that shoppers may otherwise not find in the market today. Luxurious fabrics in scores of hues are woven with bold prints and trims to create masterpieces for every woman's wardrobe. Elegance and stylishness, both come easy to the Annalise woman, as with the outfits themselves. Annalise serves up an opportunity for women to flaunt their glamorous selves, while they maintain their individuality and step out of the conventional boundaries of fashion norms, so they stand out even in a crowd.