When it comes to wearing a dress, the cut and style aren’t the only fun things to choose. Step out of your comfort zone and dive into the world of prints to help amplify your style in a simple yet daring way. 

  • 1. Geometric floral dreams 

Are you looking for a style that allows you to step back into the fifties while bringing a more modern print to the look? With the geometric print sheath dress, you’re able to combine both. This cocktail length dress accentuates the curves of a body while framing your shoulders. The stunning print allows people to silently explore the bold side of you while leaving them wanting to learn more about your style. 

  • 2. Mountaintop print dress 

This dress allows people to explore what serene locations you dream about in the form of a flattering dress. Much like the style of the first dress above, you’re able to accentuate your hips while wearing a butterfly sleeve for draping over your shoulders. The beautiful mountains sit on the chest while the calming waters swirl toward the bottom! 

  • 3. Dreams of trees 

Our flared skirt dress displaying nature print brings a stunning palette of blues while having a more basic dress style. While the sleeves, chest, and hips give a casual look, the mermaid style flare matches perfectly with the print of this simply adorable dress. Three-fourths of the dress features a blue sky adorned with angelic trees while the bottom half on back shows a serene body of water working around nature formed rocks. 

  • 4. Floral and geometry 

Our floral print dress has a hint of a retro look and feel, while adding the modern day craze for floral print. The top half of this cocktail styled dress is lighter to make the shoulders and neck elongated while the darker bottom half flatters the waist and hips. The print cut off is right above the waist to help separate the bold from the calming. 

  • 5. Floral mermaid lace gown 

This gown is gorgeous and could almost pass as a wedding dress! This elegant mermaid styled gown features a white lace shall over top of the sleeves’ white gown with small red flowers to accentuate the rest. The shape of this gown will flatter anyone and can flare out at the bottom to bring a bigger touch of elegance. Sugar, spice, and everything nice comes in one package for this dress! 

  • From the above five prints, it’s clear that there is more to think about than the style of a dress. The prints above open a whole new world when it comes to fashion- choosing for your setting, your body type, and even the accessories which you want to wear. There’s something for everyone with such great variety.