Cocktail dresses aren’t just to look prim and proper on a conservative night out. With the right amount of confidence and accessories to style up your cocktail dress, you can hit the town on any given night in the right get up. Read further to learn few top styling tips for cocktail dresses! 

  • 1. Find your body shape 

What type of body shape do you have? Pear shaped? A squarer look? The shape of your hips can help you determine the perfect cocktail dress for you. For those who have a pear shaped body, form fitting cocktail dresses can accentuate every curve over your body, allowing you to appear slim while subtly hinting at the beautiful curvature you naturally have. 

For those who want to accentuate their hips in a flirty, exaggerated sense, a fit and flare cocktail dress can give you the best of both worlds. With a fit and flare, you’re able to make your waist look smaller while accentuating your hip area, even if you don’t have the biggest hips. The key with fit and flare dresses is that they take the eye and draw them down and out, allowing your hips to look larger. 

  • 2. Know the theme and setting of the place you’re going to 

Cocktail dresses can be quite versatile in style and cut, so it’s important to understand the setting of the place you’re going to. Are you going to a club or a birthday party? Are you going to a brunch or dinner with your fiance’s family? The style of your dress depends greatly on this answer. If you’re going to a fancy restaurant to meet your husband’s parents, you may want to find a less loud cocktail dress that doesn’t take a deep plunge down. 

  • 3. You must accessorize 

Cocktail dresses are great, but so are the accessories! Depending on the style of the dress, you may want to wear a beautiful necklace that accentuates a sweetheart neckline. If you choose a monotone dress or something neutral, pearls or a pop of color will do just fine. If the place you’re going to allows you to be more playful, playing around with colors and prints when accessorizing can be a great way to be loud without actually being obnoxious. 

  • 4. The details are everything 

When you’re choosing to wear a dress, don’t write it off simply because it looks like it’s something you’d only wear at night to a luxurious event. Add clunky daytime sandals or a cardigan to help bring the pizzazz back down to Earth while sporting a touch of glamour. 

  • 5. Play with texture 

Your cocktail dress doesn’t have to be the only piece that is a focal point on your outfit. Adding elements of texture through accessories, shoes, or a belt can really help amplify your outfit and set the tone and theme that you’re going for.  Texture can add the final element that your outfit is missing. 

  • In conclusion 

Throwing on a dress isn’t the only thing to consider when getting ready. Adding texture, accessories, and dressing to accentuate the parts you want to show off are everything and should be planned accordingly. Remember to always take into account the setting of the place you’re going to in order to help guide youself through the rest of the outfit planning process!