Summer is a season for which everyone, especially girls, eagerly await because they get to wear a variety of styles, colors and fabrics. So yes, girls love summers! But with a plethora of options also comes a common question, ‘what to wear in the summer’?

No matter what you choose, just remember the drill; wear something that makes your summer all the more outstanding! Confused about which style to opt for? We were too – until we really started digging deep and opened our eyes to the latest trends. Here are some suggestions to help you choose.

Floral dresses are perfect for summers

Summers are all about wearing cool colors, vibrant prints and lively patterns, basically anything that keeps you calm and fresh to tackle the sweltering heat.

You can ask any girl about what would she like to wear in the summers and the answer would most often be a floral dress! Although floral prints are nowhere near new to the women apparel line, but now with new trends coming out every day, floral dresses have become a must-have for every girl’s summer wardrobe collection.

The best thing about floral dresses is that you don’t have to limit your choices in terms of colors, fabric or designs. You can simply opt for anything and rest assured if it includes flowers, it is going to be a hit for sure! While we suggest you to go for a strapless short dress with bigger floral prints if you are dressing up for a party and even a floor length chiffon maxi dress with vintage floral print will be an apt choice for your summer look.

Polka dots - The evergreen style!

Well, we can’t deny the fact that floral prints are the first to pop up in our minds when it comes to dressing up for summers, but how can we forget the everlasting style of polka dots? No we can’t!

Just like floral dresses have their own vibrancy; polka dots also add a lively appeal to the overall look. Earlier, styles with polka dots were limited to big circles without any other patterns in it but a print dress these days can be modified in any pattern and design that you like.

You can opt for tiny polka dots and combine it with stripes or other geometrical prints and you can also go for the traditional polka dots pattern with little flowers on the neck or hemline. As far as the colors are concerned, your first priority should definitely be the cool summer colors like aqua, baby pink, turquoise, peach or white. But then, as we said, if you think dark colors will make you look the best, then go for it! Just make sure not to opt for something too dark for a hot summer day as that won’t be able to keep you cool from the scorching heat waves.


Summer dresses for daily wear

From short skirts and knee length dresses to uneven hemlines and mini dresses, the options are countless when it comes to selecting a summer dress!

Light fabric short dresses with bright yet subtle colors are something that is mostly preferred by women because they not only go easy on the body but also helps in staying relaxed and cool during a humid summer day. While you can always opt for darker shades of pink, purple, red or blue, but wearing pastel shades is what summers are for, right? So whether you choose a short sleeveless dress or a two piece dress, make sure to wear something that’s airy and makes you feel breezy rather than perspiring.