The classic monochrome is invariably perceived as having been limited to the casual dressing category. Whether it is the widely popular monochrome stripped tee or the similarly patterned deck shoes, you will find a huge variety of monochrome casual wear. When it comes to semi-formal and formal wear, rarely does anyone experiment with this fun and lively combination of black and white or black and grey.

If you have gotten tired of seeing those typical dresses in bizarrely similar color palettes, it’s time to make a change by experimenting with your wardrobe and becoming the perfect embodiment of yin and yang in your black and white semi-formal dress.

Here, we have outlined some of the ways that you can rock your monochrome formal wear at the next big event. Give a read;

  • One of the ways that you can totally nail the monochrome look is to keep the dress in one color and accessorize with the other. For a summery and lively formal look, get an all white dress and accessorize with black shoes and jewelry. Also, you can get a white dress clinched at the waist with a wide black colored belt. For relatively darker and deeper look, reverse it. Get an all black dress and accessorize it with whites.
  • If you are including both black and white in the dress, make sure that the dress has a balanced proportion of both the dark and light areas. This might sound like too insignificant, but an imbalanced monochrome can do so much as making your figure look disproportionate. For example, if you are getting a two piece dress with a completely black bodice, make sure that the skirt is majorly white with maybe a thin black border at the hem to balance it off. Check this one out, here.
  • It is untrue that stripes cannot be worn in semi-formal or formal wear. It is all about making some basic changes. You can choose a sequined or shimmery monochrome striped dress so that the casual element of the stripes can be balanced off with the formal element of the fabric. Such a dress can create equal impact at outdoor daytime events such as birthdays or lunches and at laid back night gatherings for a drink or two. It hits the very center of the casual/formal spectrum. Also, you can carry a formal clutch in black or grey to match with the monochrome essence of the dress; like this beaded shimmery one here.
  • You can add an element of surprise in your monochrome look by giving a pop of color in either your accessories or shoes, like bright pink peep toes or lime yellow satchel bag. These will not hinder or break down the impact of the look you are trying to pull off; rather it will hold it all together in the most interesting way.  So for instance, if you are wearing black and white checker board patterned gown for the evening, you can go for either a chunky bright red ring or neon orange stilettos. Match your lip color with that of the accessory and you have a surefire recipe for some major head turns.