While making the choice of wardrobe, what’s often overlooked is the factor of fit or silhouette of the dress. Most of the focus is placed on elements such as color, design and embellishments; while most instrumental is the fit which decides how well the rest of the elements stand.

The fit of a dress is directly related to the body type; what looks flattering on a petite figure may not look as smart on a plus size. As such, it is important to determine your body type before choosing what to wear so that you may look your best.

Although each one has a unique body type, as a general rule there have been three broadly defined categories of body types. Continue reading below to know which one has the features closest to yours and the corresponding fits to opt for.

Pear Shaped

Pear Shaped body is defined by wider hips as compared to shoulders; meaning that the lower body is more prominent than the upper body. Because of this, the waist of pear shaped bodies is quite well defined. As such, in order to create balance, the goal is to shift focus on the shoulders and arms so that the wider hips can be balanced off with more emphasized and highlighted shoulders.

As far as silhouette and fit is concerned, you should go for A-Line shaped dresses that help take focus away from the hips. Evening gowns with necklines that accentuate the upper body should be opted for, such as the boat, pleated and cowl neck to name a few.

Apple Shaped

This body type is defined by considerably wider shoulders and waist as compared to hips; meaning that your hips are quite smaller as compared to your shoulders. The goal is to balance the width of upper body by creating an illusion of elongation.

You should go for high-waist slim fit pants that make you look longer. Also, necklines such as the V- Neck and elongated round neck also help in balancing the width of your shoulders. As far as uppers are concerned, you should opt for structured ones that do not follow the natural line of the body; thereby creating an illusion of a more defined waistline. You can go for cocktail dresses that are belted at the waist to accentuate it.

Rectangle Body Type

Rectangle body has even dimensions of shoulders, waist and hips. As such, the clothing should help add an illusion of curves to minimize the flatness.

One way you can place focus on any of the main body parts such as the shoulders or the hips is to go for print dresses that have design concentrated on these areas. Floral party dresses that have a loud floral design on either the shoulder area or the lower area look great on this body type. This would help accentuate these areas. Additionally, you can opt for louder necklines like ruffles, lots of pleats and wide collars to make the chest look wider. Also, wearing A-line and flared silhouettes will make your figure look slender and smart, rather than flat.