Deciding what to wear for the first day of work is a challenge many people get hung up on. Your outfit sends an immediate message about who you are so it matters to plan ahead with what you wear on your first day. People are visual, which means you want to set a good first impression by expressing your personality through a gorgeous and professional look.

So how can you make the best possible impression with your outfit on your first day? Follow a few basic practices:

Find out the expected level of dress for your company. When you interviewed, you likely got a peek at what most people around the office were wearing. If you didn’t, check online to see what people at the company usually wear. Typically you want to match or slightly exceed the level of formality that’s expected in the office. Especially on your first day, dressing to meet their level will make a big impact with people who know very little about you.

Don’t wear something uncomfortable and make sure it fits you perfectly. On your first day, you have no idea what you’ll be doing. You could be sitting in meetings all day, or you could be climbing underneath your new desk to plug in your phone. It’s a good idea to wear something versatile so you don’t have to be distracted by itching tags or ripped seams when much more important things are going on.

Wear something that makes you feel great! And make sure you pick something that gives you confidence, it's easy to feel lost and awkward on the first day. Don't stop at just the dress, make sure you have great hair, accessories, etc to plan the perfect first day. Keep your hair brushed and in a style that won’t require a ton of your attention throughout the day.

Planning ahead for your first day can make all the difference in eliminating jitters and stress that comes with a new job. Need more style inspiration or want to start looking for that perfect outfit for your first day of work? Click here to see dozens of designer styles from Annalise by AKT.