Shorter people don’t have the luxury of having model length legs, but we can fake it! Longer and leaner legs can come instantly, rather than through working out or some extreme method to attempt to stretch them. Fortunately, all it takes is a bit of shopping (which everyone loves to do!) and finding out which works best for your height.

  • 1. Wear nude pumps

When it comes to elongating your legs, you have to create an illusion. This can be done by simply adding a pair of nude heels, shoes, or normal pumps to your outfit. This can trick the eye while someone is looking at your outfit and you’ll appear as if you have extended legs and that you’re taller than you appear.

  • 2. Bring your waistline higher

We don’t mean scheduling an appointment at a plastic surgeon, we mean choosing a set of high waisted pants or a skirt to help create the illusion of longer legs. You can fake higher waist pants by tucking in a thin shirt.

  • 3. Dress in one color

When you break up the consistency of an outfit by choosing a different color for each part of your outfit, you can actually make yourself look shorter. Try one color, like black, to help create the illusion of one long uninterrupted line. Your ankles must be covered in order for this to work, so boots that are the same color as your outfit are a must!

  • 4. Pants with vertical lines

In fashion, we often here that horizontal lines make us look wider. If we take this and put a different spin on this, we can create the illusion of being taller. Pants with vertical lines of any sort can elongate your body and create an optical illusion.

  • 5. Say goodbye to ankle straps!

Shoes that have ankle straps create a line of dissection between your leg and your foot. As we mentioned in tip number 3, dressing in one color while hiding the ankles can create a visual line that follows down in an uninterrupted manner.

  • 6. Long hems aren’t something to be scared of

Pants with long hems may seem intimidating at first, but much like vertical lines, those can help elongate your legs and make them appear super long as if you were a supermodel. 

  • 7. Pointed shoes add an extra inch

While these have to do with the front of your shoes, rounded tips of your shoes can make your feet look stubbier. This translates into the length of your legs by drawing the eye up rather quickly. By getting pointed nude pumps or a pair to go with your monochromatic outfit, you can amplify your height without doing anything!

In conclusion

These are small tips you can begin doing right this second to help make you look taller, even if you’re only 5’1. By accessorizing a different way or becoming bolder with prints, you too, can appear to be the same height as a supermodel! When you appear taller, you can look thinner and you don’t have to go under the knife to do so! Use the beautiful body you already have and have some fun!