Traveling is more about the journey than the destination and many people don’t realize that until they’ve had the chance to travel on their own or with a friend for the first time. You may want to see a specific attraction but completely forget that the most fun part is the journey itself and what you can take from it. You’ll learn a lot when you travel young and here are 7 reasons why you should.

  • 1. Traveling changes your perspective on the world

When it comes to traveling, if you’re from a small town and want to get out to see the world, you’ll want to grab the opportunity as fast as possible. Everything outside of your bubble and outside of your town can give you a better perspective on the bigger picture. You’ll meet new people, find out their stories, and see how others operate in a different setting than you. Whether you’re seeing mountains for the first time or are finally visiting a concrete jungle where millions of people go every day, you’ll definitely learn a few things.

  • 2. It changes the way you relate to other people

When you meet new people while traveling, you may find that you have more in common with polar opposites than you think. Your mind becomes open and you’ll find out that we’re all more alike than you originally thought and hopefully your judgment on the outside world becomes hindered a bit as you’ll understand them more.

  • 3. Traveling humbles the traveler

In our small towns, we can get so caught up in thinking it’s all about us, or our school, or our family, when in the bigger picture, there is so much going on that we are a speck of dust on a sandy beach. There are so many other people around us living different lives and going through different things that the small stuff working us up barely even matters.

  • 4. Traveling gives the courage to take on new challenges

When you’re traveling and you have to do something, such as ask for directions or figure out a solution to being lost, you’re able to view the world a bit differently to help you solve a problem. When you take on new challenges by yourself or with a friend, you’re able to bring those experiences back with you. Not only is it great problem skill solving that you can utilize in the future, but it’s a heck of a story to tell.

  • 5. Traveling helps you empathize with global suffering

If you decide to travel to a big populated city, you will most likely see people who are worse off than you are. By seeing this for yourself and not just on a movie screen, you’re able to finally open your mind and begin empathizing with those who aren’t as fortunate.

  • 6. You’re able to push your educational boundaries

Besides the journey, the destination is pretty cool when you know where you’re going. Textbooks are boring to read in college, so it’s important to travel for the rich history behind each place you visit. Who knows, you could be standing on the same ground that battles were fought on and even the piece of land that helped your ancestors survive.

  • 7. Simply enjoy the experiences

You’re only young once, so enjoying the experience of traveling, making memories, and having fun is absolutely essential. With the ability to travel farther easier and more inexpensively than others can, we take for granted how much we’re able to experience. Enjoy life as it is right now and you’ll never live with regret.

So, after reading these awesome reasons, which is your next travel destination?